Male Sexual Health Clinic in Minneapolis

Treat erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or get a bigger penis

Mens Sexual Health Clinic in Minneapolis MN

Evolve is excited to be the first Minneapolis male sexual health clinic specializing in the Priapus Procedure™ or P-Shot®. The Priapus Procedure™ has helped thousands of men achieve and maintain stronger and larger erections.

Male sexual health clinics provide a private, understanding setting where men can talk freely about their sexual health and issues to find solutions to address their concerns. Evolve is here to assist you in improving your sexual health and satisfaction and enhance your size.

In addition to being a men’s sexual health clinic, we specialize in the O-Shot® for our female patients. Men’s sexual health clinics enhance their patients’ sex lives most effectively when they treat their partners as well!

Call us TODAY for a free and confidential assessment – 651-789-6817

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100% satisfaction, guaranteed.

  • World-class treatments at our Minneapolis location for a wide range of common sexual problems
  • Knowledgeable and empathetic consultants
  • Totally discreet. Your confidentiality is assured
  • Long term set-and-forget solutions
  • Delivered by a clinic with more than 10 years experience
  • Reinvigorate your sex life, your relationship and your confidence!

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