Evolve Male Clinic is Licensed to perform the following services under Dr. Charles Runels. Inventor of the Priapus Shot and O-shot. Evolve Male Clinic chose to license and certify by Dr. Charles Runels, the inventor of the Priapus Shot, in the Winter of 2014.

Evolve Male Clinic sent its medical staff to Boca Raton to learn directly from Dr. Runels himself and obtained the rights to perform the P-shot under Dr. Runels.

Priapus Shot

The P-shot was invented By Dr. Charles Runnels M.D licensed in Alabama

To learn more on the P-shot visit http://priapusshot.com/


Evolve Male Clinic Medical Director Nick Maragos M.D.


Dr. Nick Maragos M.D. Evolve Male Clinic

Bio: http://www.evolvehairclinic.com/evolve-hair-clinic-staff/