Understanding all about Erectile Dysfunction causes and treatments

These days, there are many men who are said to be suffering from erectile dysfunction problems and leading an unsatisfied and unhappy life. Also, their spouses are discontent with them, which makes married life much more miserable for them. This problem is reported to have separated couples, while taking away the confidence of the person. It simply puts the person in a dilemma, since he is not able to discuss about the situation to friends, colleagues or just about anyone. Such people are known to lead a very lonely life and find life to be very much painful. But nowadays, one can easily avail Erectile Dysfunction treatments Minneapolis easily, effectively and in an affordable manner.

Premature Ejaculation



Erectile Dysfunction according to medical dictionary is also called impotence. It is rather the inability of the person to maintain or achieve erection for a long time for engaging in sexual intercourse.

How erection is achieved?

Generally erection occurs when there is flow of blood into penis, staying there for reasonable time period making it hard and stiff. It takes place when the person is excited sexually or when there is stimulation in penis. Arteries which supply blood to penis becomes relaxed, fills with blood and on expanding closes veins, which otherwise would have drained blood away from penis. In this manner, bloods stays longer in penis. Evolve Male Clinic in Minneapolis provides a 45 minute treatment called the P-Shot to help men with ED issues.

Erectile Dysfunction causes and treatments


Causes of impotency vary immensely depending upon age. The biggest cause noticed in young people is anxiety, causing pregnancies, fear to have sex for first time, using condoms, etc. are few notable causes. Among the middle class men; obesity, alcohol, diabetes and stress are several pre-disposing factors, although guilt and nicotine are other causes. Impotence past middle age, becomes common with age because of arteries which carry blood to penis getting narrow, a condition termed as atherosclerosis.

Other conditions, which prevents expansion of corpora carvenosa as desired like Peyronie’s diseases might also cause impotence. Besides this, tranquilizers, anti-depressants and blood pressure drugs could cause this condition.



Before starting treatment, physicians would look into medical history for past history of diabetes, cardiovascular surgery, kidney disease, etc. Taking the assistance of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment clinics Minneapolis can help the individual can help the individual to get the best modern treatment which makes use of natural processes to remove this issue and to help the person to live a normal, happy life.