The Priapus Shot or P-shot for Erectile Dysfunction was invented by Dr. Runels M.D is available at Evolve Male Clinic Minneapolis.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments Minneapolis

For many of us men in the Twin Cities we try not to think about Erectile Dysfunction. We tell ourselves that’s not me! I am a superman in the bedroom, and you might very well be, however for thousands of men ED can be devastating to our confidence. Over 70% of men over the age of 40 will start to see a drop off in our sex drive usually brought on by many factors. The most common factor is low T levels “Testosterone” the second is diet and exercise

Evolve Male Clinic in Minneapolis is educating men on a natural male enhancement treatment called the Priapus Shot. The P-shot was invented by Dr Charles Runels M.D.

The Priapus or P-shot takes approximately three minutes to apply to the Libido and forty five minutes for full treatment from beginning to end. The process itself is performed with a licensed practitioner R.N or phlebotomist along with a Medical Director.

Recovery time is less then 24 hours from bruising, and the treatment plan is 6-8 weeks for optimal results. Results vary but have been reported to last 18-months and beyond. The patient will need to use a pump twice per day for 10 minute intervals.

The P-shot is safe and effective in 98% of clients with Erectile Dysfunction issues. The key to the P-shot for men is PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma injections. To learn more about how PRP works click here The following diagram below is an excellent read on exactly how PRP works, what it is and how safe and effective it is.


This table shows how the PRP process works and is all natural. No pills, potions or lotions. PRP is a safe and effective way to help treat men in the Minneapolis area who are experiencing low sex drive or having a hard time achieving an erection.

Evolve Male Clinic Is licensed under Dr. Charles Runel and has been medically trained to perform the Priapus shot – P-shot under Dr. Runels guidance.

Priapus Shot Certification Evolve Male Clinic