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Hormone Replacement Therapy Treatments or HRT is commonly prescribed for men and women to treat menopausal conditions or low energy levels in Men. It involves the use of medications which have female hormones such as progestin and estrogen. Read on below to find about more.

It is common for family physicians to recommend HRT as a medical treatment for symptoms of menopause. This is because the medication is made to counteract menopause effects. In addition to alleviating many menopause symptoms such as vaginal conditions and hot flashes, the therapy can lower the risk of osteoporosis.
Even though HRT Treatments are mostly used by women, there is a version available for men. It can help men with low levels of testosterone as well as help to reduce their aging symptoms.
Whenever the body does not produce testosterone in the right amount, men are affected by a condition called hypogonadism or Low T. Men who are diagnosed with this condition can get relief from testosterone therapy. Bear in mind that this therapy is not usually recommended if the levels of testosterone fall in the normal range for a particular age.
It is important to consult your doctor if you think that you might have low levels of testosterone. Low testosterone is only diagnosed by a doctor and then treatment is given under medical supervision. Your doctor can check the testosterone level using a simple blood test. If you are prescribed Low T treatments for men, you need to ensure that all the doctor appointments are kept and your doctor is informed about any side effects.

HRT Benefits
There are several benefits that persons can enjoy if hormone replacement therapy is used in the short term. For instance, women who get this treatment are protected against heart disease, colorectal cancer, and the loss of bone density. The risk of heart disease will lessen when HRT is used at the start of menopause. Other benefits include lower chance of having broken bones and fractures, difficulty sleeping, and a decrease in menopausal symptoms such as mood swings.

Limitations of the Therapy
This medication is being used significantly less because it is associated with many side effects. If estrogen medication is taken without progestin the risk of uterine cancer will increase. Long term use is connected to abnormal mammograms as well as higher risks of blood clots and certain cancers.

Overall, the benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy can offset the risks. Family physicians normally recommend it when women find it difficult to live with menopausal symptoms, but it’s still important to consider the associated health risks and side effects carefully before using as a long term treatment. Whether you are a woman or man, you should discuss the use of hormone therapy with your doctor