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The aftermath of erectile dysfunction

For the majority of men looking for answers into natural male enhancement products-Evolve Male Clinic Minneapolis it can often be confusing and frustrating to find an all natural solution to gaining a bigger, stronger, long lasting erection. The fact is most women won’t admit to their partners that size and strength in the bedroom can make all the difference between being know as an excellent lover or a lousy lover. Statistically, the average size of a male penis is just a shade over 5 inches. Male Enhancement can promise many things in literature and in commercials, but one thing it can do is guarantee a strong, hard, erection.

PRP Injection

Evolve Male Clinic located in Eagan Minnesota is offering a different type of natural male enhancement for men. The Priapus Shot- Evolve Male Clinic Minneapolis. Evolve uses Platelet Rich Plasma in a simple 45 minute procedure to help men grow larger and have harder longer lasting erections. PRP injections have been around for over 20 years, many doctors use PRP for elbow and knee joints. Evolve Hair Clinic recently developed PRP Hair restoration for both men and women.

Priapus Shot Minneapolis

The Priapus shot takes around 45 minutes and can last up to over one year. The average client will see a gain over 1/4 of an inch and up to 1 inch in length and up to 1 inch in girth from one treatment.

Average Penis Size

At Evolve, we realize male enhancement is something virtually every man desires and secretly every woman wants their man to be great in bed. PRP can help almost every man achieve a desired goal with penis size and stamina in the bedroom. Lotions, potions and pill will become a thing of the past after one round of male enhancement with PRP.

Evolve Hair Clinic is a licensed medical clinic in Minneapolis to perform the P-Shot for men and O-Shot for women and our staff has been formally trained in Boca Raton Florida on how to perform the Priapus and O shot.

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