Understanding the causes and treatments to overcome premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is considered to be a sexual dysfunction type, wherein the man is not in a position to exercise full control over ejaculations. They might occur just before the partner is ready or in few cases before sexual intercourse takes place. This is likely to leave the person to be embarrassed and to leave both partners completely unsatisfied sexually. There have been instances of men losing confidence in themselves and respect from their partners, thereby leading to increased cases of divorce.

Common issue

Medical experts state that there is present variety of Premature ejaculation Treatments which such patients can avail to get rid of their issues. Experts also conclude the fact that premature ejaculation is becoming a common problem across the globe and is the major cause of emotional, psychological and emotional issues, including self esteem problems. But with right approach towards treatment and appropriate penile health, many men would be able overcome such a problem and to have enjoyable and fulfilling sexual life.


The precise cause is fully not understood till now. But it could be psychological in nature, while stress, depression, anxiety along with other emotional issues being linked closely. Physicians might ask questions in regards to the man’s sexual background, stress level and intimate relationship while trying to have the cause pinpointed.

Availing the Best Treatment for Premature Ejaculation

Even though considerable effect takes place on the man’s psyche, premature ejaculation could be resolved, although its success might take effort and time.

Common approaches

  • Edging: It can be performed either alone or with the cooperating partner, allowing the man to have his body to retain full control over ejaculatory response.
  • Antidepressants: Medications like this could be prescribed by quailed physicians for addressing the issue. It is necessary to achieve the perfect balance, otherwise, it might lead towards men losing their sex drive.
  • Numbing creams: Numbing sprays and creams might be used for reducing sensation and to prolong activity. But overdoing it might lead towards diminishing of sensation in the long run and have opposite effect, inability to reach orgasm.

Penis care of better function and overall health

It is essential to take proper care of the penis regularly. A healthy penis that is responsive and clean can offer both the partner and the man with immense pleasure and to regain confidence. The qualified physicians might also resort to Priapus Shot for Premature Ejaculation if required in the patient to overcome the issue