Many scientific research papers have tried to answer the question to which many men want an answer – what is the average penis size?-Evolve Male Clinic in Minneapolis Minnesota

The published findings are often introduced with background information on men’s widespread anxiety about whether or not their penis is big enough, and if sexual partners are going to be satisfied. So what is the truth?

The truth about male genital length and girth might have become obscured by the free and widespread availability of internet pornography.

Perhaps it is no surprise that researchers say men have heightened anxieties about their manhood. And another aggressive industry pushes dubious promises of a bigger penis through enlargers and extenders. The Priapus Shot at Evolve Male Clinic performed with PRP injections shows the average growth to be around an inch in girth and up to an inch in length on average after the shot, these results are documented to last for over one year, Many men look at having multiple Priapus shots for even further growth.

Unfounded worries about inadequacy are not helped by the fact that a man’s own view of his penis automatically makes it look smaller to him than to someone else. This is simply because looking down at the penis from above makes it appear smaller, compared with how it looks straight on, or from the side.

Seeing one’s own penis from this unreliable point of view, and comparing it with other men’s appendages from a different view, may reinforce false ideas of penis size.

Here are some key points about the average penis size. Some may surprise you:

  • While 85% of women were satisfied with the size and proportion of their partner’s penis in a study, men were less sure of themselves.1
  • 45% of men in the study believed they had a small penis.
  • Across studies it has been concluded that flaccid lengths range around 7 to 10 centimeters (2.8-3.9 inches).
  • Flaccid circumferences range around 9 to 10 centimeters (3.5 to 3.9 inches).
  • Erect lengths range around 12 to 16 centimeters (4.7 to 6.3 inches).
  • Erect circumference (only one previous study) was around 12 centimeters (4.7 inches).